Shared Faces – Is it legal

Most definitely !!

Use of the Shared Faces website for its intended purpose conforms with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1993.

Before embarking on this venture the owners of Shared Faces spent considerable time, effort and money to seek the very best advice regarding the legality of the business and use of the Shared Faces website. An extensive legal investigation was undertaken by Chen Palmer and Partners – Public Law Specialists – in Wellington. Their legal advice confirmed that the website was legal and in summary noted ….

  • The website enables retailers to protect their property and, in particular, to detect and deter potential shoplifters. The database used consists of still photographs of suspected shoplifters taken from CCTV footage or other camera systems. The information is posted by members and accessible only by members.

  • Information on the website is disclosed on a limited basis to retailers who have an interest in reducing theft from their stores and have approved secure access to the website.

  • There are of course contractual obligations and restrictions on access and distribution for those legitimately using the website. These include :-
    • Approval as a member
    • Unique user name and password
    • Use of the website in accordance with the Statement of Purpose (attached)

  • It is accepted and understood that information technology is widely used for legitimate purposes and use of the Shared Faces website for its intended purpose conforms with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1993.

  • Provided members use the website in such a way that it complies with the following basic principles it is legal in every respect.
    • Restrict access to authorised staff on a need to know basis.
    • Address Information Privacy Principles in terms of requirements for collection, disclosure and notification via the “Conditions of Entry” signage provided by Shared Faces.
    • Only post information on the website in specified circumstances.
    • Act consistently with the Statement of Purpose and abide by the Shared Faces Terms and Conditions.

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