Information and Accumulated Intelligence

At we started with one simple question.

Q. "Is the law on the side of a victim (retailer) or the criminal (shop lifter)?"

A. "The law is on the side of the retailer".

If you or your LP team gives any other answer, you have become a victim

Many people did and still think they cannot do anything to stop a thief.
Thats called a PC Siege. The outspoken outweigh the legally right, but thankfully for us and our members that day is passing.

We hold information seminars for clients. 90 minutes talking to staff about the dos and don'ts about shoplifting and time dedicated to Scams, Methods and Defenses. This is a practical guide, it is effective and instant. Your staff will have a raised awareness and interest, leading to more loss prevention.

Many managers, directors and CEOs are far removed from the problems of shop theft in their retail outlets. They deal with larger issues, leaving loss prevention to local mangers and the staff on the floor, perhaps having a centralized loss prevention team at head office liaising with local stores.
The next person down the line inherits this attitude; shop theft is a small part of a big business.
The person working on the shop floor also has the same attitude, and as you can see nothing gets done to prevent this small problem.

Shop theft is not a small problem. Figures quote the cost of theft at 2% of your turnover. This loss comes directly off your bottom line profit.

Many national chains employ in-house security teams. Some retailers see this as beyond their specialized operation and employ others. Some national chains have no loss prevention personal or systems at all.

As CEO, Director or Operations Manager of a large retail outlet ask yourself "Is the problem of shop theft in my outlets increasing or decreasing? Is there proof?
I ask you, "Are the systems you have in place up to date and working?"

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