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This website is designed to take away the anonymity enjoyed by shoplifters.

By uniting stores in any given area and identifying those stores with signage, the aim is to discourage those intent on shoplifting. Those who do commit shop theft will be identified to other stores in the group. So when that person enters another store they can be identified and given reasonable attention to deter them from committing an offence.

The overall intention is to reduce shop theft, retain and increase the profit of our members stores.

Affects of doing little or nothing

  • Reduced Profits
  • Increased Pricing
  • Consumers in the end pay for the losses in higher prices
  • Reduction in customer levels of trust if the stores care about pricing.
  • Reduction in the customers levels of feeling safe and secure while shopping
  • Increase of staff anxiety in workplace

Prevention made easy

  • Up to date staff training and awareness
  • Apprehension Equipment- CCTV, tags etc, in some cases
  • Be a member of a large visible and active group to share awareness about shop theft, www.sharedfaces.co.nz
  • Less time, effort and therefore cost, than required for apprehension

Benefits of joining www.sharedfaces.co.nz

  • Retain profit
  • Access information provided by others in your specific area or nationally
  • Access information provided by others in your store type or any given store type
  • Better inform staff on methods of deterring potential shop theft
  • Access to information on scams and methods of shop theft
  • Staff have a better all round attitude.
  • Deter shoplifters by being part of a large visible network.
  • Fully tax deductible 
  • The ability to access the website 24 hours a day, 7 days per week
  • Every member has a network of other cameras, eyes and people helping their business to profit

Information and Accumulated Intelligence


Annual Membership $365 (excl. GST) per store. Other subscription terms also available. Discounts for groups by negotiation.

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