• The ability to access the website 24 hours a day, 7 days per week
  • Access information provided by others in your area
  • Access information provided by others in your store type
  • Better inform staff of methods of deterring potential shoplifters
  • Access to information on scams and methods of shop theft
  • Better inform staff of methods of detection
  • Deter shop lifters by being part of a large visible network.
  • Fully tax deductible
  • Retain profit.


The website also contains some useful printable forms; Trespass notices, Sample signage, for shop display purposes and Description forms for recording details of a shoplifter.

Being accessible 24 hours a day seven days a week offers those without internet access at work the time to upload (put in) information and download (take information out) at any computer maybe at home or even an internet cafe. Simply use your unique login and password.

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Members Login

Members Login

Only registered members can login into the site and access the searchable database of recorded incidents. Once you have Joined Shared Faces you will be able to log in and have full access to the incident pages and other benefits of the site.
Database Search

Search the database

Shared Faces provides a unique searchable database of previous retail crime incidents, including photos and descriptions of identified offenders. Search the database by entering your search criteria, including time period, region and store type, and clicking the Show Incidents button. Further refine your results list using the filters above each displayed field. View an example of searching...
Add Information

Add information

Incidents are recorded in the database through site members actively submitting and sharing new information as it arises. This allows all members, at both regional and national level, to be forewarned about known offenders and take a proactive approach to reducing retail crime. View an example of adding information...

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